Thursday, July 30, 2009

Twitter: Asteroid Watch

I'm not a fan of Twitter really for the mere fact that "tweeting" isn't something I want to admit being involved with. It just seems, well, ... I don't know. That word, .. "TWEET!!". I guess I just need to get over it. Either way Twitter is terribly popular and is for the most part the ultimate time-waster. But it has room for some items of interest.

Lately I've come across a new Twitter feed from JPL:


It gives a sigh, .. "tweet" about any space rock within 750,000 miles of Earth. So if you want to keep close tabs on neighborhood, so to speak, you might follow this. I'll keep it posted on the sidebar and add any other Twitter feeds I find relevant. Let me know if you have any you follow.

Lasers, Aluminum, and New States of Matter

How many states of matter are there??

By using lasers focusing on atoms of Aluminum scientists have made the atoms of the metal transparent. While we won't be at the helm of invisible starships any time soon, the research seems to open avenues that may lead us to better energy sources. And while we have a "we know it all" mentality sometimes concerning scientific discovery, this is just one more story that says "No, we don't know it all". Perhaps we are just at the cusp of a new practical scientific revelation.

"Transparent aluminum is just the start," Wark said. "The physical properties of the matter we are creating are relevant to the conditions inside large planets, and we also hope that by studying it we can gain a greater understanding of what is going on during the creation of 'miniature stars' created by high-power laser implosions, which may one day allow the power of nuclear fusion to be harnessed here on Earth."

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Your Ad Here : The Moon, Who has the Rights??

Wh owns the moon?? Who owns it??

From what I can tell nobody owns it, but then again, .. sort of, ... everybody owns it.

It seems the "law" concerning the moon is a bit complicated. The US has plans to go back and establish a base. Other countries have plans as well. When the Moon Treaty was written only two space faring nations, the US and Russia had space plans. But now there are more nations gaining more than just a passing interest.

We also have certain individuals claiming property rights to the moon. And by the looks of it, people have made some money in the process. You can buy moon property right now at a cost of $18.95 to $37.50 an acre depending where you are.

Even advertising

If I look up someday and see a Walmart sign in the half moon phase, I'll know that human beings have gone completely mad. Are we really about to scrape the moon in an effort of global marketing. Sigh....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

40 Years and Counting, .... we goin back??

It's been 40 years now since this photo was taken. I can't begin to imagine the emotion involved in looking back onto our home planet. Everything we know, love, hate, and experience is there. Well, .. except for those moments in space. Michael Collins said that he wished all the world leaders were able to go to the moon to look back on our planet. To look back at that magnificent blue pearl without all the borders, fragmented ideologies, and tension that humans place on it. He said he thought it could have a great effect on how our leaders look at the world and perhaps provoke positive global change. This kind of experience has the power to change your worldview. I can believe it.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ali G - Science

"Does you use a toilet or does you just drop it in a hole??" - Ali G

For reasons unknown I am finding this funny at this moment. At least Kent Hovind doesn't get to rant too much about evolution.