Saturday, October 4, 2008

Walk in the Woods

A walk in the woods. What's the point??

It's difficult to convey the moments of experience. We have cameras and words to help describe our experiences. A simple walk in the woods can reflect so much, but the ability to express and capture these moments doesn't even begin to rival the time itself . And it is unfortunate that more of us can't feel and enjoy the small slices of peace that we sometimes are presented. At least for me, a simple walk in the woods can literally do wonders..

And the surprises on a walk like that can refresh the wonder, curiosity, and bio-aesthetic appreciation that we all have. As I walked with my children, we discovered a snake skin, funky fungus, footprints, cicada shells, two deer, and a vine to swing from. Soon my children were ahead of me at a reasonable distance. Slanted pillars of sunlight plunged through to the forest floor as I manuevered around them. Insects vocalized into a comfortably numbing audio background. Glistening spider-webs appeared like hanging mirrors. Perfectly structured webs. Reflections of ancient DNA. A grand history of arachnid success discovered by mere observation.

A walk in the woods can be inspiring.

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