Friday, January 30, 2009

Global Warming Confusion

In the midst of a dim economy, not much emphasis has been put on climate. But as we enter 2009 the fight is back on. And as you skim through the following articles, it is no wonder there is so much confusion. People tend to be on one side or the other, but probably not for careful evaluation of the facts. More by listening to what the talking heads recite.

Much of that content contains the message : It's our fault. The problems with this issue is complex and far reaching. The impacts, economically, are significant enough to warrant desire for a certain conclusion. So this is problematic and is illustrated by several links. The global warming issue has become a political issue. A media issue. A societal issue. But what it needs to be is a scientific issue. Global warming is about science, and people of the Earth deserve to know what SCIENCE has to say about it, regardless of outcome.

I certainly understand that science isn't really "consensus" in its nature. There is always, and always should, an alternative theory. But we need to know what is happenning. Is CO2 really a major driver of climate or, more importantly, can it become a major driver?? Is this the outcome of solar activity?? Is the result of being stuck in an ever changing interglacial?? The result of planet orbit variances?? How much are humans accountable for and responsible for??

If we are responsible, then we need to know and act. If we are not responsible, then we need to know as well. We still need to develop new technologies. New ways to master resources provided to us. We still have the need to progress at the rate we are now progressing. This cannot be limited by global conditions. If we are ever to achieve Kaku's Type 1 civilization, then must be prepared to adapt. Last I checked, an ice age was approaching fast, geologically speaking at least. I wonder if we have thought of creative ways to heat the world should we encounter the opposite effect of global warming??

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