Thursday, August 27, 2009

GalileoScope : Enlighten a Kid

I recently heard about this fantastic deal of a telescope while listening to AstronomyCast. I have to and am going to buy one. The deal is they are $20 plus s/h, unless you want to go for over a hundred of these things. Then they are $15.

Out of all the money that was ever spent on me and my public education, I would have certainly requested that one of these was given to me, ... .. to keep. Fifteen bucks?? Did I mention it is a good one?? One that you get to assemble and/or dissasemble?? One where you learn about the lenses and physics and even history involved in such astronomical viewing? One that might inspire children to study and excel in science??

Alright, this may seem like a wacky suggestion, but how about a $15 telescope for every student?? The possibilities in instruction are far reaching for such a small amount of money. In this age, kids deserve a good view of what we are exploring. And they deserve the real world connection to astronomy that is often times lacking.

I'll have to confess, I haven't bought one yet. So I'll give more feedback when I've bought and successfully(or not) used one. In the meantime, I'm sure there are lot's of things you've bought for 20$ that were basically useless. If it becomes worthless, ..well, .. give it to a kid.

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