Thursday, September 24, 2009

Moon Water Discovery opens Floodgates

We know more about the moon than, ..... wait,... this just in, .... what??

It turns out that we don't know as much about the moon as we thought. Data provided by three different space probes confirms the spectral signature of water. But the water isn't localized to just the poles as scientists expected. It was found throughout the surface apparently locked up among minerals in the lunar soil.

What this means is that potential habitation on the moon just got a "giant step" easier. We have oxygen and hydrogen resources available at many points among the surface, not just at the extreme poles. Hydrogen would be available for fuel and oxygen for breathing. Certainly more research has to be performed, but this is exciting news to many associated with space exploration.

Perhaps the moon, with it's significantly lower gravity, can now be slated as a springboard for future travel to other planets and moons. Of course that is in the distant future and even human travel to the moon for now is still far away. But it gives us a significant reason to go back.

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