Monday, August 25, 2008

Bug Identified - Tobacco Hornworm

The last post contains a picture is of a Tobacco Hornworm. Funny since I'm not growing tobacco. There are actually tomato hornworms and tobacco hornworms. they look similar but the tobacco hornworm is identified by seven white stripes and a typically red "horn". The tomato hornworm looks very similar but has eight stripes and a typically black "horn". My sources say to pluck this and remove it from the garden, because it apparently feasts on my tomato plants. Oh boy.

On top of that there is likely more of them. Wonderful. And I thought it was just this harmess, wonderful, LARGE caterpillar hanging out for a photo op. The things you learn.

Here is one of my sources

By the way this is what they turn in to.

And I'm pretty sure I saw my cat wrestling with one recently.

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