Sunday, August 24, 2008

From Chaos to slightly less chaos

I wanted to start a science blog. But I knew that I would stray from the science a bit. I also want to incorporate personal subjective experience, and we know how this begins to depart from science. Science is dedicated to understanding and improving knowledge by way of repeated observation, testing, developing hypotheses, interpresting data and so forth. You'll definitiely find a lot of science related material here, but it won't end there.

I find in our society, American society that is, we have a packaged reality. We are reminded daily of what to buy. We are told and reminded how we should look. Continuing on we are molded into perfect consumers. We are lambasted by commercialism. We understand what to wear, what to eat, what kind of car to drive, that we should go to work 5 days a week, trust our government, and what is important. Apparently what IS important is Britanny Spears, Brad and Angelina's babies, political marital infidelity, and how we can all look more attractive.

It is difficult to sum up the messages we hear everyday, but most of them display aspects of controversy and entertainment. We somehow think we are truly informed because we read the paper everyday and watch the news and surf the net. However, I find that we are not truly informed, we are closer to being programmed. It makes life somewhat simpler for many because it is easier to be told what to do and how to act than to actually make these decisions for ourselves.

So, in turn I thought I would try and make some sense out of this "storm" of societal and domestic pressures. This blog is to find the interesting things in life that we don't often hear about. In fact, honestly, it is a venue for me to follow interests of mine. Science is a large part of this. I wonder how many people understand the unbelievable things we are doing in space. And what it took to get there. And where it may lead us. On the flip side, I'd also like to write about non-science stuff as well like music, art, and experience. I'm not entirely sure where I will even venture. But it is time for me to explore my own personal sense of clarity among the chaos that is our everyday lives. No time like the present to start. I hope if you discover this blog somehow that you will enjoy what you read.

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